The Numbers


Numbers are like bones. Similar to how the bones of our skeleton are the basic structure around which our muscles and tendons, veins and skin - in fact our entire physical body – unfold, giving us structure, shape, stability and providing blood, numbers can be seen as the subtle bones of the universe: covered by layers of creation they are invisible, most intrinsic and real. Similar to bones numbers are essential. They are inherent to everything and everything can be expressed in numbers. Numbers, just as bones, offer an insight into the structure behind the obvious and visible. Knowing or better listening to the numbers allows an understanding of the universal as it reflects itself in the personal and at the same time helps us relate our personal stories to the universal, offering us a bigger and more complete picture of our life’s journey and a sense of direction.


Karam Kriya as taught by Shiv Charan Singh is the sacred science and art of cultivating an awareness towards numbers. Training and developing this awareness we gain a deeper understanding of the universal as it expresses itself in this play called life and the various roles we identify ourselves with as we voyage through the different stages of our existence. Ultimately we recognize, accept and agree our journey to be the journey of our soul.


Conscious Parenting follows the guidance of the numbers into a deeper understanding of our role as parents and our children’s choices for us as parents. Karam Kriya helps us linking our personal stories and experiences of childhood and parenthood back to the Universal. Doing so, Karam Kriya supports us in transcending the limited capacities of our mind which is trapped in karmic patterns repeating history. Karam Kriya reminds us of a space where we can right now create a future supportive of our and our children’s soul purpose. The Consciousness of Parenting always implies the consciousness of the soul’s journey.


Shiv Charan Singh on Karma



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