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Bachitar Kaur


Sukhdev Kaur



Upcoming workshops:


August 2014


2.-10. August 2014 European Yoga Festival. Fondjouan, France.


"Conscious Parenting - Cultivating an attitude of victory in our children".


As parents one of the biggest blocks we may face can be our own mind, habits and expectations of our children. Crucial moments in our parenting life are in our everyday conversation. In Conscious and Intelligent Communication we can meet the child respectfully, human being to human being, allowing their ideas, needs, visions to take shape while offering a reality check, holding the space for their true identity to flower. This cultivates an inner sense of victory. This is the art of Intelligent Conversation.



Past workshops:


July 2013


20. - 28. July 2013 European Yoga Festival. Fondjouan, France.


Recognize your child is you.

A conscious parenting workshop based on Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya (Number Awareness).


How can we use this 1st Sutra of the Aquarian Age in our challenging opportunity as parents?


Please bring your experience as parents and expectations as parents-to-be to a lively discussion inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Number Awareness. We will do exercises to practice this first Sutra in relation to how to communicate with and behave towards not only our children but also others, so that we become the example for our children that we would like them to be.

December 2012


16. December 2012 Cherdi Kala Yoga Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Conscious Parenting Workshop with Bachitar Kaur


On basis of yogic teachings about humanology, life cycles and authentic relationships we will practice yoga and meditation. We will discuss and share our experiences, expectations, doubts, struggles and successes in raising and educating our children. Doing all this we will be especially focussing on and working with the following themes:


- The Journey of the Soul and your child's choices.
- Two of the most important things to teach your child.
- Your child within: Inner child work
- Community building and parents (safety)network as "It takes a Sangat (community) to raise a child." (Yogi Bhajan)
- The 5 teachers in the live of your child


August 2012


July 31st - August 8, 2012 European Yoga Festival. Fondjouan, France


Parents are the first teachers. As householder yogis, we have the blessing and the challenge to bring our focus, wisdom, character and values to our children. We must transcend our limitations and become channels of truth, yet at the same time keep our feet well grounded and extend our consciousness to the communication with the soul of our children. How can we, as parents provide the best  foundation to our children, so that they can become the saints and heroes of tomorrow?


“Remember children are your chance of liberation. They are a gift from
God so you can serve the house of Guru forever”. – Yogi Bhajan


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July 2012


21. july 2012 Haapsalu, Estonia. At the Estonian Yoga Festival.


Parents face the greatest challenge having a working life and raising children without the ancient support of communities, and most importantly, without the connection to their own and their children’s divine essence. What do children need to be supported in their experiences through this world? How can we help children to connect with their soul and inner radiance? How can we enjoy being parents and nurture our children so they can be healthy, blissful and bountiful, heroes and saints of tomorrow?








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