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Conscious parenting is strongly connected to the spiritual technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (c). The vast legacy which he left us is not only a technology of postures and kriyas, but a resource of deep understanding and wisdom of the human. His teachings of humanology - the science of the human - include knowledge about the woman, man, ifecycles, conscious communication, authentic relationships, kriyas and meditations to help us cope with everyday situations and that carry us back to our own source, and most importantly, help us develop our own awareness so we can become conscious human beings. In Conscious Parenting, we use the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology to create that awareness and to maintain it through every challenging moment in our lives as parents.




“Remember, children are your chance of liberation.
They are a gift from God so you can serve the house of Guru forever”.


- Yogi Bhajan



Meditation to keep up with our children




What It Will Do for You


“The human race is getting into a very mentally sensitive era. The new generation is nothing but a bunch of vibrations. People are going to become more and more sensitive and not understand why they feel the way they do. 90% of people will go crazy."


“Because of Uranus we are heading towards more sensitive brain activity. The mental mind projection is becoming activated, and controlling and channeling it will be a problem. Out-of-body trips will be almost uncontrollable."


“The children being born and raised now are much more sensitive than we were as children. By the time we are 50-60 years old we will not be able to understand the children at all, the gap will be so wide.”


This meditation will help you handle your more sensitive brain activity and allow you to keep up with your children.


How to Do It


Sit straight in chin lock (chin to chest). Tip of thumb and index finger are touching, with the other fingertips resting at the bottom of the palm.


Eyes are focused at the solar center (top of the head). Inhale, concentrating on the soler center while mentally projecting SAA TAA. Exhale as you mentally project NAA MAA.


Do this for 31 minutes. Then bring the chin up. Chant SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM WAHAY GUROO rapidly in a monotone to the following rhythm for 5-7 minutes:





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